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Private Schulz


(New English Library, 1981)


World War II bgcolor="black comedy
based on the true story of an SS conman,
and on scripts by Jack Pulman


Private Gerhardt Otto Schulz, inducted into the SS's dirty tricks department in spite of all his efforts to keep out of the firing line, conceives the idea of flooding the British economy with forged five pound notes. The plan is implemented and his commanding officer, Neuheim (based on Alfred Naujocks, the man who claimed to have started World War II), takes the credit.

When Schulz is parachuted into enemy British territory to bury a canister of fivers, the mission goes disastrously wrong and on his return to Germany he is thrown into prison.

How he spends the rest of the war and the ensuing peacetime attempting to recover his counterfeit inheritance is the story of Private Schulz.

All this actually happened . . .

The BBC TV series (starring Michael Elphick, Ian Richardson and Billie Whitelaw) was nominated for a BAFTA award.

My paperback was in the UK Sunday Times Top Ten Paperback List.

I received the following letter from a Californian private eye:


Dear Mr Noble

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your novelisation of Jack Pulman's "Private Schulz".

It's the funniest book I've read since "The Good Soldier Schweik" and that's going back a good few years.

I haven't seen the BBC TV series, preferring to read your novelisation instead.

It takes a lot to make me laugh when reading a book but you've done it!

It really is excellent, and you write so well and descriptively. You are a credit to your metier.

I've done a lot of reading recently and have gotten through such books as [long list of books] but yours tops them all!


George A. Athans




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