Words and Music by Jack Tanis


"Professional Literary and Musical Writing and Composition Services"

Jack Tanis
614 Broome Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034-3837
Telephone: 904.261.4628

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Just the short of it, which is...

Since 1965, we continuously have been writing music.

We have a voluminous catalogue of original compositions and songs. We are a creative, gifted composer. We write in many, different styles, and are thoroughly content-oriented.

We are a sight reader, write in manuscript form, have a thorough knowledge of music theory, are a talented arranger and can tailor instrumentations and orchestrations with versatility and flexibility.

We also are a lyricist, and can address any subject or theme.

We know precisely and exactly what we are doing and how to do it. We are dependable, experienced, honest, reliable and completely professional.

Sound recordings of our work are unavailable. Those who want to receive our material for review or for consideration must accept manuscript copies. Our vast repertoire, coupled with the high number of possible performance renditions or interpretations of any given selection, preclude us from recording multiple versions of each of our musical creations. A sound recording is a package; product comprises a composition's pure musical content. Our submissions are of product, not of package.